Love our Books

Today I went to the Book Store Downtown Rivne, my home city. Yes, I love the book stores. By the way, it would be great to open an Indigo and Starbucks in Rivne =). So, I looked around. Tell the truth, I don’t like the way how it looks like. Some really good one books are hidden on the back. It looks like in the Soviet Union. It doesn’t inspire to buy and read a book… I’m glad that local authors are doing research and writing about history of our region, music, wonderful people, etc. As I know so far, many authors need to spend their own money to publish a book. Even though they are doing this for Ukraine, they can not get a sponsorship from a government. I truly believe that it would be changed one day.

I was away for a year and I didn’t see yet the books published in our Publishing House ‘FORMAT-A’ (my father’s Mykola Diatlyk firm). I took a beautiful book from a book shelf. And YES, it was published in ‘Format-A’. Then I decided to test myself: I took all books, I thought it made in our Publishing House and checked it out. And I was 100% right. It’s GREAT!!! I love our Publishing House ‘Format-A’! It’s been always one of the best and well known Publishing House for a high quality of manufacturing books. And still during this past year they improved a lot. I’m HAPPY to be part of our family business and by this to make something great for our beautiful country Ukraine! =).

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