words… meaningless words

words… meaningless words!!! World was “deeply concerned” about the hell in Ukraine. People were killed and tortured by then-pro-government Berkut riot police. EU and US were talking too much and too long about the sanctions. Money were gone from their (Ukrainian government officials like Yanukich & Co.) accounts long time ago. But it looks like world is so nice and they helped us. And today Putin behaves devilish, takes Crimea, Russian soldiers kill Ukrainian soldier and diplomats are still talking about sanctions???!!! They all don’t adhere the agreement about integrity of Ukraine. Forgive me, God, but I doubt diplomatic way of solving this conflict… even though I still try to believe in peaceful solving of this conflict…

This is very cruel to put protesters from Maydan and riot policemen that were beating, torturing and killing protesters into one “army”. So basically, right now friends of my cousin (killed by sniper in Kiev on February, 20, 2014) should learn from the latter how to kill others?!!

There is so much hatred in us… I’m trying to keep calm and to calm others. But the hope for peace and faith in miracle is not eternal. I’m sick of “sanctions”! Jesus Lord, PLEASE, give me strength and patience to put my faith in You. Because in You alone we are safe and protected.

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