Merry Christmas first of all!


Yes, my heart breaks for the families who lost their loved ones in a car accident in the war zone… My heart breaks for the friends and families who live in fear, hunger and danger in the Eastern Ukraine and all over the world. My heart breaks for my family that lost young men during the last few years. My heart breaks for young cousins and my friends’ siblings whose souls are seeking God, but still are in the middle of nowhere. My heart breaks for the friendships I couldn’t handle, relationships that didn’t work out. 


Yes, 2014 was quite a difficult year for all of us… And my heart breaks for so many things, so I realize like I am becoming too tough on myself. Doesn’t it happen in your life? I thank my friends for making me aware of this; for reminding me [or better to say: convincing me] that I am the most amazing, most lovely, most incredible, most beautiful person some people have ever met. That I am admired and respected for all that I do. My friends are grateful that I share my life with them. It seems like with all the time giving and caring for others, I forgot how it feels to enjoy my own life, to sense my own feelings, to work on my own dreams. It seems like I forgot that Jesus Lord came in this world to show me the treasure of my life. Jesus came to love me, to give me joy, to comfort me. Jesus came to teach me to accept love from others. Jesus came to teach me to enjoy my beauty, my awesomeness. He came to give me peace in my heart; to teach me to rely on Him no matter what happens in my life or all over the world.


So this Christmas’ Eve I’ve read my diaries. I found out that some time ago I’ve been more fun. But now… So I opened a box full of gifts from different times and I decorated my room for Christmas [Eastern calendar]. And I’m loving it!!! I love all wonderful words written in these cards. I enjoy these Christmas-tree decorations, that remind me of so many awesome people I’ve met in different places. I can’t wait until tomorrow to have this incredible Swiss chocolate with a nice German tea. I treasure a handmade bowl from South Africa given me by my lovely ‘cousins’ in Canada. I can’t imagine my daily life without this cellphone, given for Christmas like 4-5 years ago? I am looking forward to light a candle made by my dear friend in her childhood, and so on and so forth.


I am so happy to have friends everywhere in this huge world! I thank God for all and every my friend who are not only caring for me, but show & teach me to accept that I am a great and awesome person. God made me that person by leading me through all the challenges of my life and all the happy moments I’ve experienced.

I am so happy that Jesus is my True Friend! He was born specifically to save my life, to give me a new life right here, right now.

And yes, I can’t change all things in this world and I can’t help all who are around me, but I can and I do pray this beautiful prayer [© Mennonite Central Committee]:

For food in a world where many live in hunger…
For friends in a world where many walk alone…
For faith in a world where many live in fear…
We give thanks, O Lord.

Merry Christmas after all first of all! It’s a time to be born [again] for life. Right here and Right now:)


January 2015

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