Loosen Up

Meeting new people in general is a wonderful way to learn new things, new perspectives of life of theirs. But it’s always great to feel like you are on the same page with new people at the same moment you meet them. And it feels like you wonna learn from them to become a better person. It was just perfect timing to hear from a good young man that I should learn to:

  • loosen up in life. It doesn’t mean to forget about all responsibilities, but it means to enjoy life more, to give yourself a break from time to time, to have your own way of living life;
  • enjoy nature and family (relationships). Whenever we say “we don’t have time for this or that” – this is just an excuse. If you want – just Do it! Life is short;
  • balance work and leisure time. Life is hard and we have things to do. But it’s on us to find time to rest & have fun.
  • and don’t sound 30 =)

Jazz Inn, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia – middle of June, 2018

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