but there is Hope

Life gets so crazy & busy sometimes, that we lose focus on our virtues and our desires. We keep doing things that world, society and local community want us to do. And later we think that it’s exactly what we want. But when we spend some time apart, alone in totally different part of the world, we start seeing again. Seeing life again. Seeing ourselves again. Seeing ourselves as human beings who still want something else, not exactly what others want from us. And then we need to reschedule our everyday life, to fit there some more personal time, some more hope. Hope for the future, hope for wellbeing, hope for reconecting with God and hope for new beginnings. And even though sometimes we feel desperate about possibilities to change anything at all, but still there is hope. And personally I find it helpful – to hope for something new & easier, even though it doesn’t involve relationship or clear future plans yet. There is Hope with a room for free choices and open space for new beginnings…

Kablar mountain, Serbia, June 2018

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