Expectations ruin Hope

Expectations create illusions, and illusions cause hopelessness. Hopelessness takes off joy, and days without joy take off the last hope. We read articles and books, watch movies and look for stories in Instagram  and Pinterest for beautiful life, perfect relationships and fantastic future with our loved ones. One day we start believing that this perfect world with perfect people exists in this broken Universe and the other day we become thinking that all that we have in our own life isn’t right, isn’t good enough. And then it’s too late, because at that exact moment we are done: we loose the last hope. Then we live grey days without hope, without joy, without love. We live grey days without gratefulness to God (and people around) for all that we have in this moment, in this current situation, in this particular place of living.

Nowadays it’s so easy to start to expect something from another person because of our imagination of life, our views on relationships. It’s so easy to get angry with a person because of those unrealistic expectations, mostly always unknown & unspoken to the other person. But it’s so hard in this comtemporary world to stop. To stop to expect. To stop to create illusions about how others should behave towards us and others. To stop messing up with our loved ones. It’s so hard to listen to a person. To recognise & accept different way of love and care. To wait in silence until our loved ones will change their minds and hearts towards us…

To hope again we need to start from the begining: to give up unrealistic expectations from people and life. Unrealistic expectations about our own life. To practise hope in small things during the day. It’s hard. But as my friend U. says: “Wait. Waiting could be good”. I wait even though I don’t know what for. I try to not transform my wishes into expectations how others should behave towards me. I try to hope even though I feel so hopeless about everything in my life right now. And I try to be grateful to God and people around for the things I already have. I wait and this is my small step to feel again Hope, “lots of hope” as my friend says.

photo: Kyiv, river Dnipro, June 2018

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