Mountain Between Us

Recently I’ve seen an amazing movie The Mountain Between Us. What I loved about this movie is the Dialogs, Aloneness in the Universe and Love. So much to think about. It doesn’t neseccery have to be the way that we get lost in the mountains or are somewhere in the middle of nowhere alone trying to survive. It’s a great illustration of so different life events when sometimes we feel that way – like we are between the mountains alone with no chance to survive, but still with lots of hope. And there is a Person – so caring and reliable. But when Life comes back to “normal”, often if feels like everything what happened was just an illusion. And then there is a moment of Decision of two people – a decision to be as honest as they were in the mountains alone in the Universe. a Decision to walk a path of Love or to give up on early start. “Can Love move Mountain between us?”…

“It’s amazing what we value when we’re at our lowest.” – The Mountain Between Us.

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