Family. a Gift of Being Present

We deeply feel Love when we part. We miss badly our loved ones when we travel or go far away for work or studies. For me it all starts from Love in the Family or from Love as a Gift of being Present. Love that brings Peace and Freedom to be yourself and enjoy [accept] another person in the way he or she is. Love is hard and easy at the same time. Hard because it includes Patience and Obedience. Easy because it includes Joy and Happiness. Sometimes to be present is the hardest thing in this busy world. To be present means to reschedule the plans or even to cancel some events and meetings in the sake of our loved one(s). To be present means to spend time together, to have a cup of tea or a glass of water, to make a breakfast or to read a book silently in the presence of our loved one(s). To be present means to come home straight from work just to be home before your loved one(s) come, so they will feel loved and cared for, they will know that there is somebody home waiting on them, making dinner and cleaning the house. To be present means to hug each other when you come home, or meet outside, or leave the house. To be present means to say “Good morning” and “Good night”. To be present means to discover the personality of your loved one(s). To be present is to Feel home with people you love. To be present means to invest into relationship [with your loved one(s) who is maybe having a hard time in life] simply by listening [if he/she wants to talk] or keeping silence [when he/she doesn’t feel like talking at all]. To be present is to watch a movie, go for a long walk, do something new together. It doesn’t have to be expensive, because our Time is the most expensive gift we can offer to people we love. Time together is Precious, because it nurtures us as human beings, it makes us closer to each other, it gives us confidence, it gives us hope for the future.

When we feel broken and empty we should learn how to Love simply by practising a Gift of Being Present. And when we must leave because of work or studies, it does break our hearts. But it doesn’t mean we cann’t practise a Gift of Being Present from the distance. We can send a card or gift, we can call, we can make plans to see each other sometime soon [even though if it’s in a few months], we can encourage and pray for each other and to hope.

It’s been amazing summer weeks with my Family, especially with my brothers. But summer is over and it’s time to go back to University and Work travels. While our hearts ache we do have Hope, because Love is a wonderful Gift, that is worth to feel sadness while we are apart, because in the end – Love is the only thing that matters in our Life.

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