Being brave as a lifestyle

I like to watch people in the wild nature. How they behave when nobody’s watching. It’s wonderful to see the real nature of character of person. I wish I can be more brave in nature like my new friend from Greece. When you jump from the high cliff into the deep water – you really must be brave enough to risk everything you have. But also you need to be confident in your abilities. It’s pretty much the same in our social life. You train yourself to be brave and confident, and only then you can fully enjoy the life in this crazy Universe.

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Deep breath of Life. Boat trip along the coast of Ohrid Lake

I grew up in a big family and we use to host so many people from all over the world. I like to take care of people when they come from the long trips and want to have a little bit of peace at our home. But to be honest, lately I became impatient with hosting people, maybe it’s because I myself need a time to rest and experience a hospitality from others. So I took a vacation and went to the one of the most beautiful places in the world. My friend suggested that we should take a boat trip, lead by FreePass company. It was worth it!

Early morning after pretty stormy evening we went on a boat trip on the Lake Ohrid. It was so touching to have someone to take care of me! When you are totally exhausted it feels so good when someone makes a cup of coffee for you and you drink it while someone leads a boat on the lake Orhid between the mountainous border between South-Western Macedonia and Eastern Albania. Breakfast on the boat was extremely delicious: Macedonian Burek with meat and cheese, tomatoes with a very delicious souse and coffee with rakija. It took us almost two hours to get from the Old City of Ohrid to St. Naum Monastery. And those two hours were filled with fresh air, good silence, deep water, blue colours & morning sunshine.

St. Naum Monastery is a beautiful place to embrace God’s powerful beauty, gorgeous nature and wonderful architecture. And also this Monastery has one of the most important collection of icons in the world. We took a short boat trip on the springs of Black Dream. It is breathtaking moment to see this beauty so close! Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid region is protected by UNESCO. The water is so clean and tastes amazing!

On the way back we stopped at the private beach of another monastery and had a wonderful time to chill & swim.

It was great to enjoy a lunch prepared specially for us: local fish and homemade ajvar, delicious bread and local semi-dry white wine Temjanika.

I am so grateful to Ivana and Ivo (sister and brother), for their family business to take a good care of us (tourists) and to give us a chance to enjoy nature, to breath a life and to feel the beauty of lake and mountains. I totally felt in love with this part of Macedonia, amazing nature & wonderful people! ???

If you ever go to Ohrid Lake, take this life-giving trip by FreePass 

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Loosen Up

Meeting new people in general is a wonderful way to learn new things, new perspectives of life of theirs. But it’s always great to feel like you are on the same page with new people at the same moment you meet them. And it feels like you wonna learn from them to become a better person. It was just perfect timing to hear from a good young man that I should learn to:

  • loosen up in life. It doesn’t mean to forget about all responsibilities, but it means to enjoy life more, to give yourself a break from time to time, to have your own way of living life;
  • enjoy nature and family (relationships). Whenever we say “we don’t have time for this or that” – this is just an excuse. If you want – just Do it! Life is short;
  • balance work and leisure time. Life is hard and we have things to do. But it’s on us to find time to rest & have fun.
  • and don’t sound 30 =)

Jazz Inn, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia – middle of June, 2018

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